About Us

Myself Shantanu Sinha, I am 21 years old. I belong from the city Ranchi and have completed my studies from the same city. I am a middle class boy, who had the dreams of living a successful life ahead and carry the hope of expectations that my parents had made upon me by hard work and dedications.

Since am the boy from the 21st century, this doesn’t need to be verified that like every other individual, I too had interest in the Social media and the related pages which are linked to social media. Like every other boy, I too have dreams too fly high and achieve my goals through which I can lead successful life ahead and make my parents proud due to my work.

I love to play cricket as I myself have played, through my college and school and have represented both of these. I too love to hang around with my friends and explore new places within my country as it is very large and diverse all over. One thing I am very fond of is the food that is available through different places and which has its own qualities. On the other hand I can cook some really tasty food, it can be considered as one of my hobbies.

These days I am trying to learn some of the works related to blogging and try to figure out what this kind of stuff really means to be. As nowadays everyone indulge in this kind of work as it’s a need of the modern world. It can be very useful not even through in our city, state, or country but it could also be very effective globally. This kind of work is different from the field and has a good career.

My goal is to be a good lawyer after completing my graduation and make a rush through the corporate sector, as it is a very attractive area of work and the end result is that I could make a lot of money through that, which every individual want at last nowadays.

Acquiring this blogging knowledge will also be of great use and help for my future career. As we know that now every work is based upon and is evolving through the internet and the social media, so thus like everyone I would also like to take part in these kinds of professional blogging activities.

Thus at the last I wanted to say that there is short of information which I could provide about myself has been mentioned in the above lines.

In short I am a boy from a middle class family who doesn’t have much expectations but yeah surely what I want - I believe it can achieved with a fair amount of hard work and faith in you.

- Thank you.