Spruce Up Your Home This Year with Tips and Trends from Interior Design Companies in Dubai

Posted By S3tkoncepts 575 days ago on Home Improvement - After a year as trendy as 2015, imagining what styles that could top it may not come easy. However, interior design companies in Dubai are always up to the challenge. With first quarter of the year almost already gone, there have already been noticeable interior design trends that have come up really nicely.

How to Make a Sock Cloth Doll

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How to Make a Sock Cloth Doll - A step by step guide

Here's is how the final doll will look like:

So, here's how to get started.

Step 1: These are the materials that are required.

1 - Cotton.
2 - Sock Cloth
3 - Scissor and Thread

Step 2: Take the sock cloth and put some cotton into it. By using the thread, make the below looking shape.

Step 3: Take another piece of sock cloth and make it like a small t-shirt. We will use it to dress our doll.

Step 4: Put the t-shirt type looking cloth on the doll. Using the thread, tie it to the bottom of the doll.

Step 5: Using the thread, tie the head of the doll too with the same cloth. It should look like a hoodie.

Step 6: Use the thread again to tie the smaller cotton balls which should look like little hands of the doll and a small nose.

Step 7: And that is all! Just make sure to apply some makeup to your doll which will make it look cuter :)

13 Kitchen Countertop ideas

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Picking up your kitchen’s counter top is one of the handiest jobs to be done with, it’s never going to be easy for you for what kind of material to be used to for your countertop at an affordable price and which would also be best suited for your kitchen to reflect upon an impression. There is very huge variety of materials that could be used for counter topping your kitchen.

Starting from 30$ per square foot to up to 200$ per square foot. Solid counter tops are now becoming a trend to carry upon for your kitchen, high tech plastics can be sculpted into any imagined shaped which you want to give for kitchen countertops. Choosing your countertops you have to keep in mind that whether it suits your cabinetry and decor whereas also the materials will suit your taste and lifestyle. Installation of your kitchen could among one of the toughest task to perform. Large variety of countertop materials are there for you in the market to choose upon. Layering up your countertop with stylish materials has now become a trend. Although it involves money but could add a warmth to your kitchen.

Following are some countertops ideas which one should kept in mind while installing and creating a wonderful kitchen of yours:

1 - Soapstone kitchen counters - Often used in laboratories for its resistance to stains. It also prevent from getting the countertops being avoided by the bacteria and any chemical resistance. It is very much durable and once being installed, it could be a life time investment to make upon. It is mainly composed of mineral talc which would give you smooth feel just like soap. Colours of the slab are generally gray but as time passes on it could also turn out to be something more like to be getting darken as deep charcoal. It would cost you up to $80 - $100 per square foot installation. Mild soap and water will maintain the regular clean up for your countertop.

Pros - It is a terrific material for your kitchen to install with, as it is unaffected by heat. As soapstone is being chemically neutral i.e. tomatoes and lemon juice which not affect it, which would give you a longer durable countertop for your kitchen.

Cons - The content is mainly made up off talc which make these softer, which could sometimes result in the corners being eased over time.

Tip - Always keep in mind while selecting a slab that greener the slab, the softer it is. So always go for least of green slab so that it could provide more durability for your countertops.

2 - Granite Kitchen Counters - This natural stone has plenty of advantages, with unique colours, grains and customizable finishes. The main thing to care about this stone is that it’s being properly sealed. It could cost you low amount of $50 per square feet installation which could easily be affordable. Sometimes the cost may vary due to the seasonal factor or the political unrest. Some granite contains of semiprecious stone installed to them, which could also take up its cost to a high level. The main source of getting this granite is from Brazil or India (Madura gold). Could enhance the beauty of your kitchen and leave a powerful impact behind.

Pros - For counter tops granite is an umbrella term which includes several dense stones installed into them that are acid resistant. This provides a longer durability for your countertops.

Cons - Avoid using the dyed granite mainly in black. Which are generally dyed for increasing the market values? If you want Absolute black granite you should seek it out from India rather than China. This would avoid the dispatching of the colours and provide you with longer durability.

3 - Copper Kitchen Counter - It’s not the mostly used materials now days for countertops, but it is always easy to cleanup and to maintain than the rest. Keep the surface dry thoroughly and wax or oil it timely to maintain the best possible shape of your counter top. As copper oxidizes and reacts to the substance that crosses it. Unsealed copper generally are dull and adding up a transition to a blend like matte red, brown and green are appreciated by many of the house owners.

Pros - Installing a copper counter top provides you with germ resistance as it have antimicrobial properties. You could follow up with an EPA check whether your countertop is germ resistant or not. It is also best suited for sustainable living. Copper acts as a chameleon, it could be used any where such as from your modern house or an industrial loft as it does in a traditional kitchen.

Cons - As it soft material, it can be easily by knives and heavy pots. If you are concerned about the dents, opt for a hammered or distress finished which won’t look hedgy and add up something bad to your copper counter tops. Copper doesn’t come cheap, it would allow you to invest at least $100 to $150 per square feet.

4 - Tile Kitchen Counter - This one is being one of the most affordable choices to lie upon your kitchen countertop. Ceramic or stone tile is extremely durable, on which you could rely upon. It could be installed at an affordable price of $30 per square foot. Tile counter tops deliver top notch durability and could stand up to both heat and knives, which would certainly give you a longer durability. Still a cutting board is recommended not for your tile but for the knives from this unyielding surface.

Pros - Daily clean up with warm water and mild soap can manage your tile countertop well. All you need is to take care with the grouts and avoid bringing in the use of acidic cleaners. They not need to be sealed anyway you will need an annual maintenance for the sealing up the grouts.

Cons - The main problem with the tile countertop could be with the grouts, which could keep you busy. So consider the tile that allows for tighter and sealed grout joints to reduce day to day maintenance.

5 - Zinc Kitchen Countertop - It is one of the oldest, aged, fashioned and elegant styles to lie upon your countertop. If you are fan of being vintage, it could light up your kitchen with warmth and dignity. Zinc often overlook in favour of stainless steel or true stone. Yet this classic material adds up a singular character that acts as a chameleon to your kitchen style and set up. It could also provide you with the inherent warmth which many metals lack to be. It typically starts out to be pale gray and while used for years develops a slight blue or green cast as it darkens with time and use. It naturally resists mildew and bacteria.

Pros - It may react with certain substance over time but it won’t spill it in a way such as they might do with the materials like marbles or limestone. It is actually easy to clean up as quick swab down with water and dish soaps keeps zinc cleaned up. Zinc is very soft, so it could be molded easily into interesting shapes. It could also be hammered or textured to add visual interest and depth to your countertops.

Cons - The same softness that makes zinc easy to fabricate also tends that knives and other sharp materials could scratch up your zinc countertops. Also avoid keeping too hot vessels that are just pulled out of a burner that could leave a mark on your zinc countertop. It also a bit tricky for the installation of the zinc, experience and skill is required while laying up your countertops.

6 – Marble Kitchen Countertop - It is one of the oldest yet the trendiest way to lay up your kitchen counter tops. A durability that keeps it same for decades and marbles offers you a very large range of colours to choose from. It is the natural stone composed of calcium carbonate. Colour variation occurs in the marbles due to the mineral impurities in the stone. Slabs are generally considered up for laying the kitchen countertop rather than tiles. It could cost you up to $70 to $100 per square foot for lying upon the countertop. Soft clothes and warm water are best to keep your marble shinning like a star.

Pros - This has always being a classic and timeless choice which you can lay upon your kitchen countertops. Use non toxic sealants to avoid your marble getting dull.

Cons - As it is softer and more porous than granite, which means it get scratches and stained easily. Acidic food can cause etching which can make your marble shine dully.

7 - Concrete Kitchen Countertop - One of the most indestructible materials that could be used for counter topping your kitchen. As well as it also offers customization in colours and layouts. A concrete kitchen countertop is mainly composed of water, a binder and filler. Laying up a concrete countertop would cost you around $100 to $150 per square foot. You can compose a colored concrete by adding up some materials like integral pigment, acid staining, or by using a dye. Usually cleaning process is needed but avoids harsh cleansers. The long term enjoyment for you concrete countertops depends upon finding the right sealers. You can use Penetrating sealers or Topical sealers for binding up your countertop well.

Pros - Its durability is surely what you not need to question about. It would last for decades, all you need to pay a bit attention is to, how to manage your sealers nothing much.

Cons - All you need to avoid is the tiny cracks which generally occurs in the concrete base structural designs nothing much more to go for it.

8 - Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop - These countertops are the mixture of brains, beauty and brawn rolled up into one surface. This professional countertop could add glamorous show stopping shine to your kitchen. It is a steel alloy that uses 10.5% of the chromium, which makes it resistant to corrosion. Type 304 is the most used stainless steel for layering up the countertops for your kitchen due to its higher chromium and ability to be welded without affecting its durability and strength. Layering up your kitchen countertop with stainless steel could cost you up to $80 to $100 per square foot. Most of the stainless steel is being used from 60% of the recycled materials and yet it can recycle and recycle again, it has extended useful life. It could be easily cleaned with detergent, baking soda or vinegar diluted with water.

Pros - It offers a top notch durability that even stands up for commercial kitchens and standard of cleanliness. It is nonporous and no staining and also provides resistant from heat. Keeping stainless steel clean from fingerprints and watermarks could be a breeze. It could last for centuries if perfectly built upon.

Cons - The surface is susceptible to scratches and dents, so always keep care of these factors while layering your countertop with stainless steel

9 - Solid Surface Kitchen Counter - Solid surface counter tops are the stuff in which hi-tech plastics can be heated up and sculpted into any desired shape for your countertop. The surface counters are blend of acrylic or polystyrene resins, powdered fillers and pigments into slabs. It could cost you around $50 to $1oo per square foot installation. Due to nonporous surface and low chemical emission, it contributes in healthy indoor air quality. Solid surface product with re-cycled content like Durat or Corian’s terra series will help reduce negative environmental effect. Soapy water could be the best thing to clean up your solid surface countertops, however it’s essential to let dry up the surface after cleaning because it could lead to uneven and blotchy finish on your countertop. Avoid using dark colours as it will show more finger prints on your countertop.

Pros - it is durable and nonporous. It also resist to stains and bacteria. These products out shines as it have ability to thermoformed into different shapes and configuration.

Cons - As it is resin based composition makes it sensitive to heat and scratches. Be careful while cutting upon this countertop because they could leave behind a scratched thing to repair upon.

10 – Wood Kitchen Countertop - Wood has always being such a beautiful material and adds visual warmth. Adding up a wooden countertop to your kitchen, you would think twice about it because it seems to be very sensitive to maintain upon. Layering up the countertop with wood you should always keep in mind about the kind of sealer to be used and the type of wood and its quality. You can create your countertops with any kind of wood but generally it’s recommended to use cherry or harvested mardone for building up your countertop.
Pros - Avoid using cleaning the wooden countertops with abrasive cleaners. Lemon juice, oil, red wine is best materials among to clean up your wooden countertops.
Cons – Always use cutting boards for your wooden countertop so that you could avoid getting scratched and cutting lines on them. Large butcher blocks to be used upon would be a great idea to prevent your wooden countertop being worthless for the installation.

11 – Quartz Kitchen Countertop - It is a man – made product mainly combined of 80 to 90% of ground quartz and 5 to 10% of resins and pigments. It could cost you around $90 to $100 per square foot installation. They are good for indoor air quality and are EcoFriendly. This surface requires no sealants and waxes and routine cleanup with soap and water.
Pros - This material is tough like granite and resins make it impact resistant to both stains and scratches. It could be fabricated on larger piece and with fewer joints.
Cons – Excessive heat could damage your countertop, so be careful while handling with hot vessels and avoid direct contact with them through your countertop.

12 – Plastic Laminate Kitchen Counter - This material has a big market due to its affordable and maintenance free accommodation, and also it offers you a wide range of colours for your countertop. It consist of wafer thin adhere to a plywood or particle substrate. It’s made up of three layers of material bonded together by high heat and pressure. Layering it would be as cheap as it could cost you around $8 to $20 per square foot. Cleaning is also not as difficult as by using a sponge or damp cloth could give it a new look every time. Avoid using bleach as it could result in discolouration.
Pros - Low cost and huge variety are the boon here. Laminates comes in a large collection of patterns such as eggplant to amber, maple to marble.
Cons - Avoid cutting directly on the countertops with knives, it would be better to use a cutting board that would avoid your surface from getting scratched. Also avoid keeping hot vessels as it is only up to 150 degrees of heat resistant.

13 – Recycled Glass and Cement Kitchen Counter - It is EcoFriendly and durable and is a top choice for ever home. Although it could be bit expensive, $100 to $200 per square foot installation. It is one of the greenest choices for your countertops as it comprises mainly of comprises of recycled contents. Daily maintenance is simple; keep your counter clean with soap and water. Resealing and waxing could be needed once a year as it would avoid etching and staining.
Pros - Glass and cement makes it durable up to 50 years, when combined. It avoids both heat and scratches.
Cons - The cement based portion is staining so you could follow up with the experts’ advice upon sealing.

Conclusion – Large variety to look upon, confusing isn’t it? Layering your kitchen countertop could be very challenging but going out through a better option that what will be the best for your kitchen is the right option. Choose according to your daily needs and never go for the materials that you couldn’t manage them for too long. Be smart and pick up a right material for your countertop, things which you daily carry upon your kitchen and what type of works are performed could determine the layering of your countertop. Never be double minded and be straight on choosing the right material for your kitchen counter top.

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Welcome to Glorify Home

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