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How to create your very own backyard patio

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A patio generally is a space adjoining to our house mostly the back yard which is generally paved. These are generally meant to be a small dining area and mainly consist of small set of chairs, table, barbecue and a fire place.

Various accessories can be added that can enhance the look of your patio. For having a beautiful patio you don’t need to have a very large space, you can also utilize a small area of land for creating a wonderful patio. There are various types of patios according to your house which can be adjustable as per your space provided. Let’s see with what kind of patios you can decor your house with and enjoy your vacations and leave tremendous remarks on your visitors.

The manufactures not so costly, all it depends upon your landscape, your needs and what kind of materials you are willing to use for creating your patio. Including fire pits and fireplaces, they are great addition to make within your patio which is great for cold nights to hang around. The various steps through which you could create a beautiful patio are:

Step 1 - Firstly, the area needs to be staked and painted where you exactly intend to build your patio. By doing this you make sure that where you exactly want your patio to be placed at. Also keep in mind whether you want a covered or an uncovered roof for your patio. The shapes of your patio can be defined by the help of stakes and strings. Digging up to 5 to 8 - inch deep would be great for your patio. The low spot should be filled in by the soil to make it leveled.

Step 2 - Now the gravel is too filled in the marked area to make it more fragile so that the soils wouldn’t get washed away by water or something else. The gravel is to be leveled well and an inch space is to be left with to make a one more layer of the soil over the gravels and use the tamper to make the gravel and the sand stir in their position. It’s generally kept in mind that your patio is about 5-inches above the ground level so that it could prevent the waters entering in your patio during rain.

Step 3 - The area has to be fitted with the stones, marbles, and woods according to your budget. These materials which you used are kept closely along with one another for a beautiful floor for your patio. Along with the floor you can also set up the small walls for your patio with stones, marbles or any other thing which you think can be best suited for your patio to be more attractive. If you are using the stones for the base then remember that the cracks had to be filled in by the sands and tamper. You can also pack the edges of the stones with a landscape fabric so that the stones and the soil don’t gets apart.

Step 4 - Let’s get to know what kind of furniture’s that can be used in your patio. You can use any kind of furniture but generally light weight furniture’s are considered for keeping around your patio like - bar chairs, fire pit sets, or small space furniture’s. The patio consists of a dining set and a fire pit, as to enjoy even in colder days. The fire pits can be made by the use of woods or the stones craved fire pits which are into your budget and the commodities are easily available in the market. For better remarks you could also use gas fire pits which are nowadays available in the market.

Step 5 - The most enhancing way to maintain the decor for your patio is by adding up a barbecue adjoining your patio. The barbecue could be large or small depending upon the size of your patio. Barbecues add an extra spark to your patio so that you can enjoy with your companion and have an amazing time to appreciate for.

Step 6 - Now it’s time to decorate your patio in the way you want, you can enhance your patio with adding up some cushions around the chairs, colored umbrellas for avoiding the sun during a day hangout, if your patio has pillars along then some light and colored curtains can magnify the look of your patio. Along with that you could also use outdoor lights along with the pavements, deck boxes, potted Plants and some decorative lights for a better attractive look for your patio.

Step 7 - Over head shades can also be added up to your patio for chilling around during a hot summer days. Nylon material clothes could be a better option for creating a perfect roof for your patio. You can also plant trees and long plants besides your patio for covering up your patio and that would be an attractive way for doing that. You could also make your roof top covered with wooden pillars with closed wooden ceiling.

Step 8 - The main important thing about creating your patio is that the materials you used for decorating your patio should be waterproof, these kind of stuffs likes cushions, and furniture are now days coming waterproof and are easily available in the market. Perfect surroundings by string lights and candles are popular mood setters for your patio.

Conclusion - Thus patio can be created in various types and styles but the main purpose for creating a patio is for relaxing and enjoying some moments with your loved ones. The patio can be designed for serving the food or having a cocktail hour type with your friends. Patio is best suited in every type of hangouts and just likes other rooms in your house create your patio in such a way that it looks welcoming for spending your quality time.

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