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11 DIY Kitchen Remodelling Ideas

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As the kitchen is the center of the home and the hub for all the activities, remodeling could be a major undertaking. One of the main reasons for remodeling a kitchen is to increase the value of their houses. It would be a great task to regenerate your kitchen but while keeping some factors in mind your kitchen would be of great value and the looks would be an eye catching one for anyone who visits your home.

When remodeling a kitchen, think about the functions, efficiency, style and longevity. At least a kitchen should last up to 10 - 15 years because kitchen remodeling is not done regularly as it is a big task to perform. A good remodeled kitchen can cover up to 60 - 70% off the investment made at the time of remodeling it from the total expenses.

Installing a kitchen may require structural, plumbing and electrical work to be done accordingly. These are some the following methods which can be use full in remodeling your kitchen and make it an attractive one:

Step 1 - It’s not about spending too much money on the re modelling or to buy each and every appliances which a kitchen is required for but it’s about how you use your kitchen and the layouts which would support your kitchen. It’s about the priorities that how many people would be there at a time and would be cooking. This could easily be done by seeing the photos of the kitchen which would create an idea for you, how to shape up your kitchen in the best way.

Step 2 - The good use of quality of materials could be very useful in enhancing the looks of your kitchen. It’s not that necessary that the good materials and appliances would cost you up to heavy amount, but these could be also available at a general price which every individual can afford. Always keep in mind not to use stapled drawers or those that are made up of particleboard. For cabinet interiors wood veneer will be a better choice as it is more durable.

Step 3 - Either you can use paints or stain to decorate the cabinets of your kitchen. Between the brush painted cabinets can be very unique personality.

Step 4 - You can also use counter tops for re modelling your kitchen. The lengths in which counter tops are available are up to 6’-12’ inches and the thickness varies from 1”-2”. Every time you choose a counter top always choose a wider one so that you will cut some off during the installation. The counter tops are generally made up of solid wood, marbles and chipboard.

Step 5 - The plans should be accurate relating all the small essentials including your doors, cupboards, which way would the refrigerator face, the designs of the spice drawers and many more. Re-modelling a kitchen is hard task to do as it could take up to six months to get completed.

Step 6 - Be specific about the items you are including in your kitchen. Mainly it depends upon the size of the kitchen that what kind of appliances can be used in the kitchen. It also depends upon the size of the family and the utility of that appliances’ which has to be opted in the kitchen. Now days there are many advanced appliances which perform multiple tasks and can be easily fitted in your kitchen. Always remember never to fill up your kitchen with unnecessarily appliances which are generally not to be used.

Step 7 - As many of you are addicted to tea or coffee, then you can use coffee cart setup which would make easy accessible. You can also use the cookbook self concept which are now days more trending in the modern kitchen, which looks attractive too.

Step 8 - You can customize your kitchen by giving it a wooden painted touch on the shelves and the wardrobes of your kitchen which would be an eye catcher to anyone who enters in your kitchen. Theses can also be replaced by the marbles which could be also engraved upon the walls to give a different trendy look for your kitchen.

Step 9 - All you need is a systematic design for the better enhancement of your kitchen. This phase includes sketches, floor plans, layouts and cabinet sizes. You also need to be focused upon your budget, as kitchen remodeling is a handy job to be done. If you are contacting a contractor for your kitchen remodeling then at least you should patch up with more than two contractors, so that you could cut out with best possible rates on which you can lastly stand upon.

Step 10 - You can also manage to set your kitchen lightened up by the day lights or by the bulbs during the day time as keeping your kitchen remodeling it as per the rays which can enter easily into the kitchen which also saves you energy.

Step 11 – The main work in the remodeling of a kitchen is the work which has to be carried upon by the electricians and the plumbers. For setting up a new version of your kitchen the whole wiring and the drainage and the plumber pipes has to be re-arranged in the new order. This could be a really great task to carry upon and could indulge large amount of money to be involved around.

Conclusion - Thus remodeling a kitchen is a very handy task, which takes a long period of time as well as the amount of patience too. Re-modelling a kitchen can be done in systematic order with the help of a contractor so that you could finish up with the dream kitchen of yours.

Generally it’s an expensive work to carry over but a better remodeled kitchen could get up to 60-70% of the resale value. Thus kitchen made with superior decor can enhance the beauty of your house.

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