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Welcome to GlorifyHome's very own Terrace Garden

Posted By PakhiSen on Home Improvement

I always wanted a Terrace Garden but never really put any serious effort into it. Finally, this year we managed to start a Terrace Garden - it is still quite basic, but at least it has started.

At this moment, am planning to add some art and craft on the walls and perhaps add some vertical garden elements to it. The hanging bottles will be a good idea, let's see how that goes.

The space where the roof is a bit higher, that is where am planning to grow a herb garden.

The empty space towards the end of the roof is where I want most of the vegetable plants to stay.

It will be great if we can manage a small water fountain and perhaps a garden swing, something that can sustain sunlight and rain.

At this moment it is mostly rose plants that dominate the garden so far:

Will post updates related to the Terrace Garden in the future posts. Stay Tuned!

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