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Top 10 DIY tips on how to use BeadBoard

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BeadBoard is a panel that is described by decorative beading and are mostly used on walls and ceilings. Mainly it’s a trim added to the bottom quarter of the wall. Bead Board are also known as “Wainscoting“. It helps to enhance the structure and design of the room by splitting the walls into two sections.

Bead Board consist of tongue and groove boards that are interlock to create vertical lines. These could often can be seen in pantries, cottages and country style homes. This look has become very popular in mudrooms, kitchens, upon ceilings and bathrooms.

Some tips where you can install your Bead boards are as follows:

1 - Start small, mainly the back splash.

It would be a great place to start with. Small unit of area would give you a perfect knowledge, that’s how Bead boarding is being done. Wooden slogs could be cut accordingly about the back splash measurements with a chop saw, and if still you are facing problem for getting an accurate measurement, then you can make them fix at the local home improvement store, which would not cost you much. Adding Bead boards at your back splash would be an eye catcher for your visitors.

2 - While bead boards works for your back splash, it also works great for your kick splash, i.e. your kitchen. Your kitchen could be glorified by adding up the bead boards including parts such as cabinets, kitchen back splash, and roofs. All you need is to manage up your corner’s well. Basically setting up a bead board is a process of using picture framed model. That’s how a bead board is being set up. Bead board style font door is now being very trending and also mostly recommendable by the retailers. Kitchens roof tops could also be bead boarded. This would add an extra charm to your kitchen. Now days most of the houses are using kitchen cabinets as well as their roof tops based on bead boarded designs. It does depend upon our self what pattern and texture we wish to add for bead boards for customization of our homes.

3 - Using beadboards styles pattern on our bedrooms is now being the trendiest way to add up an extra charm to your living space. You would notice that every other person is installing bead boards mainly to their bedrooms. Firstly you have to decide how exactly you want your bead boards to the marked level of height and what would be the length of the panel. Before marking the positions marked, keep in mind where your light switches and window ledges are spread up to, so that setting up a bead board would not create any problems in your daily activities.

Always locate and mark your wall studs well so that you could nail up your bead board well. You can attach up with the shoe molding over the joints where the two boards connects. If you are facing cracks and if the room corners did not match perfectly, you can cover it by using cove modelling. Addition of the bead board is not only to give space some character but it could also be used for decorative and art work accessories.

4 - The use of mosaic tiles is now getting out dated. People are now mostly considering lying up their bath with bead boards. You can either lay up the bead boards by wainscoting where beadboards panels only cover the certain parts of the walls. Another approach is to use the bead board flooring to ceiling pattern.

5 - Beadboards paneling added to the back of the bookshelf panel adds upon a custom beauty at a custom cost. The cabinets of the bookshelves could also be created by beadboards, that would create something glorifying for the visitors. Add a semi glossy paint to the BeadBoard, so that it could enhance the beauty of your house.

6 - Sun rooms and patio are the best places to start for beadboard ceilings. People can fall in love with the beadboard ceilings in your sun rooms or patio’s. Playing with colors on your sun rooms and porch could also be great thing to add up on to your house.

7 - You could also add BeadBoard panels to your furniture to re generate their old looks to new ones. Beadboards could be added upon the lower parts of the furniture so that it could magnify the beauty of your living area. You could also engrave beadboards below the kitchen counter tops. It would be charming indeed. It could be applied in both ways, either vertically or horizontally both would help you to add up the charm to your furniture.

8 - Beadboards could also advance the structure and designs of the rooms. Merely dividing the wall into two portions and adding an eye line to follow. This could help your normal room look much bigger than the rest. You could also generate a barn door crafted by beadboards so that it could leave a trademark for your visitors and modernize your attitude.

9 - Taller beadboards with a ledge on top will provide you with great place to add decor, if you choose to switch it out frequently. Vintage beadboard are also being trendy these days. You could have it between your kitchen area to add up the value to your house and to make it look more advanced.

10 - Wet bar is also one of the spots where beadboards are unexpectedly pleasure to add upon. You can take the beadboard to the darker shades of direction which is commonly seen also leaves quite an impression behind.

Conclusion - Thus adding up a beadboard could enhance the attitude of your house. Beadboard paneling are much more easier to install and could be in your budget. Beadboards are something that is the trendiest ways to glorify your home and its value for sure. Adding up textures and different types of shades could really add up charm to your house, which would include from your bathrooms to bedrooms., kitchens, main gates and doors each and everything. You could either pick up with a vintage based beadboard or something that would really match according to your attitude.

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