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How to Build a Sliding Door

Posted By shantanusinha83 on Home Improvement

The sliding doors have begun to be more in trend these days. They are stylish, easy to use and a look that would amplify your house's beauty. A bit of planning and a little amount of investment could provide a better sliding door which could glorify your house. There are certain general steps through which you can create a sliding door of your own:

Step 1 - These are some list of materials that you will need for creating a sliding door under an estimated cost. The materials to be used are - plumbing flanges, plumbing angle brackets, length of plumbing pipe, hinged loops, small wheels, wood screw, bundle of woods and some tools like nail gun, screw driver, level.

Step 2 - For building a sliding door one doesn’t need an architect, you simply needs some kind of general stuff’s like a driller, screw driver etc. through which one can simply build a sliding door. Create a wooden frame exactly for the same size for where you want to make fit in your sliding door. Take the accurate measures and frame the wooden frame exactly accordingly to the area where the door is to be fitted.

Step 3 - Remember shaping your wooden door is always a handy task, so it’s better to be accurate about your shape and the frame work which you wish to use for your sliding door. Generally the doors are rectangular so you need not worry about the shapes.

Step 4 - Take about two 8’ long rectangular shaped wooden logs and screw them together, between the space left you can fit up there with small pieces of wood to make horizontal supports for your door. You can use wood glue, a screw driver to attach these things. If the door has been glued up, then allow it to dry overnight so that it’s done perfectly.

Step 5 - Plan for the handle, where your door would be sliding through. Depending upon the size you can cut the wood accordingly. You can also paint the door accordingly to add up an extra spark to leave behind. Shades according to your house walls would be a perfect match.

Step 6 - Hang the hinged loops but the size should be perfect which would fit your plumbing pipes and the area where the door is to be placed. You can attach them at the top of your wooden frame with the help of wooden screw.

Step 7 - For sliding the pipes through hinged loops on the top door could be a great task. The pipe should be cut accordingly about the size of your space so that it could easily be fitted, you can also add angled pieces and flames at the end of the pipes if you wish to. The upper and lower panel heights are to be decided too.

Step 8 - Mark the hole at the two end points where you want your sliding doors. This could be done with the help of tool that would provide the exact the two points at the same location.

Step 9 - Install the tracks, be sure that they are driven into an existing studs or solid blocking at the ends. Also offset the track enough so that the door will not rub on any existing trim around the opening or the floor.

Step 10 - Lastly check the measurement of the doors to double check the door height versus the bottom hangers. Try sliding the door open and close, if all was squared and level things would roll perfectly along the floor.

Conclusion - sliding doors are one of the most innovative and easy to do within your house. These doors add up a trendy look to your house and an impression would be left behind for the visitors. Avoid using the glass sliding doors as they are bit risky for your house. Thus if you wish for a sliding door you could have it under the cost of 50$.

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