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Attic Insulation Tips to Cut Down Energy Costs

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Basically an attic means an open space at top of the house, often used for storage. These are generally below the roof. Main purpose for creating up an Attic is to prevent the house from getting too cold
In winter days or giving up a relaxing feel even if the summer is too hot to handle.

Now you might be thinking upon what about the energy cost, relax friends it’s a one time investment which would cost you between 500-1000$ and could cut up your electricity cost up to 10 to 50 %. Isn’t that sounds great, a dual combo which prevents you from excessive cold or heat but also save you several dollars.

Several materials you would require for creating up your own Attic, these will includes:

  • Metal clips

  • Storage decking

  • Thermal drywall

  • Tape

  • Blanket insulation

  • Mitre box

  • Staple gun

  • Protective clothing

  • Plywood

  • Fluffy foam

Following are some Attic tips through which you could cut up your energy cost -

1 - Choosing your insulator is must. It depends upon the area where you live, either its warm place or colder place. A cold place requires joist level of insulation whereas warmer places are insulated by rafters to be installed upon.

2 - Filling up your walls with fluffy layer of foams could be the easiest way to install an Attic layer at your floors. This would make your home more energy efficient. Be sure that it accurately being fitted side to side and up to bottom. Always remember no gaps should be left apart while insulating, so that would let escape the cold or hot rays and would not be that much effective.

3 - Attic bypasses are to be sealed, so that it doesn’t allow air to pas within them. That will make your house warmer and would reduce the energy bills. To work upon the bypass you have to look upon the plumbing pipes, areas around lights, chimneys and walls to make sure that there is not a single space through which the air could be passed by.

4 - Blanket insulators are all time good insulators to lie upon your top of the house. It could provide your house with better heating solutions throughout the winter. Layering up your Attic with blankets could provide you with a much better warm home which could relief you from the high electricity bills which you pay by burning up room heaters, gas fire pits. Yet this insulation method is very old but very much effective indeed.

5 - Running up the second layer beneath the first one would be great. That would provide you with better insulation, it would also provide you with the depth which will provide you with better insulation for the whole house.

6 - Many Attic spaces contain pipe works which needs to be handle properly. It needs to be protected from getting freeze up during winter seasons. Insulating warm water heating or supply pipes would also be great for saving energy costs. Customs made pipe insulators are best for this purpose; avoid providing the gaps when you use these insulators for covering up the pipes.

7- Fiberglass insulation is a good thing to add up on to your Attic. Avoid using no paper or foil backing, as the surface needs to be UN-faced. Fiberglass is the least expensive ways to make your home more energy efficient.

8 - Install or repair the vent chutes because air needs to move properly which would help to remove the moisture in the winters or summer. Both plastic and foam vent chutes are easily available in market. Try installing the foam chutes which would prevent you from getting crumpled when you are installing them.

9 - Adding up Attic ventilation would remove the heat, so that the cooling loads are decreased. This reduces the heat conduction through the ceiling for the people living below and also cuts up the air conditioner electricity cost. This creativity would absorb the solar radiation by the roof were you installed the Attic.

10 - Blown in insulation is also being used from many decades. These are generally made of paper like materials known as cellulose, which is basically generated from recycling of newspapers. The cellulose is being attached to a mechanical blower through which you could fill up the gaps for your Attics. This material is moisture resistant. It would cost you around 500$ and would cut off your electricity bills up to 10 to 30%.

11 - Radiant barriers are excellent for reducing the heat and cooling bills all together, and would also increase your home’s value. While normal insulators reduces the heat which enters through your Attic, whereas these radiant barriers absorb the heat and keep the area tepid.

12 - While insulating your Attic, be very sure that you also carry some of the safety measures. Always wear a protective mask, full shelves clothes, eye glasses, rubber gloves, so that you could stay away from the irritations which could be caused while insulating your Attic.

Conclusion - Weatherizing your home through the Attic insulating method is one of the most consumed ways to cut up the electricity cost which you heavily carry along over your head. Insulating your Attic could save your monthly cost up to 100$, which you could estimate how much profit you make over a year in both summer and winters. Thus Attic insulation could be very helpful in cutting up your electricity cost and adding better seasonal conditions for your home.

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