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9 Tips to Make sure that you Win The War against Mold

Posted By PakhiSen on Home Improvement

Having a Mold growth at home isn't new for anyone. The slightest of overlook and a bit of environmental factors aiding it and in no time you will find a decent mold growth underway already.

While there are ways to clean up mold growth and remove every bit of mold that ever grows in your homes - the best solution is however to prevent mold growth in the first place.

Keeping this basic idea in mind, let us first look into some of the factors that aids in mold growth and stop them right away.

1) Keep moisture away: Mold growth takes time, at least a day in the very least. So, if you have something in your home that is wet and creating moisture then first focus on getting it dry or get rid of it completely.

2) Fix water leak: It is quite natural for your home to run into plumbing issues, but delaying a fix for such an issue and let the problem persist is pretty bad. The quicker you fix the water leakage and get the walls and other places of your house dried up, the safer you will be from mold growth.

3) Keep the humidity low: If you live in a place that is hot and humid then de-humidifiers or even ACs are good options to keep humidity in check.

4) Shift things around: Sometimes furniture and other stuff at home stays in the same spot for ages. Move them around and especially away from the walls.

5) Open the windows: keeping the house well ventilated so that the air can easily flow away, helps in keeping the house fresh, clean and dry.

6) Keep it away, not with-in: The exhaust fans and other clean-up should send the dirt and the moisture away from home. Don't send it to any of your other rooms and spaces like the basement or the attic.

7) Keep it dry where it is most wet: Kitchen and Bathrooms are two places in every house which is the most wet. Make sure to keep both of these places clean and proper drainage has to be setup to make sure that the water isn't stopping anywhere and helping in mold growth.

8) Keep damp clothes away: Slow drying damp towels or clothes can cause mold growth. It is best to dry these outside in the sun if possible, or use a dryer instead as an alternative in case sun is a luxury item around your location.

9) Fix Basement and Attic: Places where you least visit could be the best dwelling places for Mold. Keep an eye out for places like this and if there is a water leakage or moisture issue then fix it immediately.

Mold growth can cause serious health issues, starting from allergies to problems like asthma. These tips are good to start with but they should never be used as an alternative to serious help. If the mold issue is getting out of hand then hire a mold professional to get it sorted quickly and more effectively.

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