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15 Home Improvement Trends to watch out for in 2016

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When it comes to home improvement, being a trend setter or an early adopter of a trend has it's advantages. It allows your home to stand out in the neighborhood, increases the re-sale value or rent value of your properties and most of all - help build your reputation.

It is 2016 already and many new trends like sliding doors, new and improved LED lighting, solar power, toxin fighting plants etc. are in high demand.

Here, we have compiled 15 such home improvement trends to keep you at the top.

1. LED Lighting - These days LED lights are now becoming a trendy thing to watch out for. Theses have overcome the traditional lights which consumed a lot more energy and where also would not be added up to a modern house. It is a smart solution for your house to give with the trendy look, as they really last long than the old aged bulbs. Once you are into a LED lights they could last up to at least 20 years before you have to replace the lights once again. In spite of being durable theses Led lights can cut up your energy cost up to 80% when compared to traditional or conventional lighting bulbs. It’s ecologically friends and don’t lay bad effect on to the environment and the living being who are using of these. It can also work under a low voltage power supply. Now days LED lights according available in the market which could automatically emits colorful lights within a single piece, just by a touch of a switch and add up the environment according to your wish.

2. Sliding doors - The old gate way which have been in use from a very long time, seems to be kind of boring if you want to make a first impression on your visitors just from the gate way. The use of sliding doors has now being used almost in every other house to leave a impact on the visitors and give your house a new trendy look. Earlier the sliding doors were mainly to be made with the glass but now days as the matter of safety for your dear ones these are now being also being made with plywood and other trendy materials which would give your house a trendy as well as a safe thing to be stay in. Creating a sliding door is not a costly work to do, a better sliding door could be easily be created for the amount of 50 - 60$ and add up a trendy look to your dream house.

3. Plants that removes toxin and purifies air – People are now days are becoming more conscious about the health hygiene’s of their loved ones. A trendy house should also consist of the plants that removes the toxins and purifies the air inside your house and leave beautiful remarks on your visitors. Plants like peace lily, bamboo plant, moth orchid, Barberton daisy, rubber plants because with its oxygen output is much higher than any other indoor plant. With these kinds of indoor plants you can filter up your indoor air and eliminates the bad toxins, even NASA has also concluded that a plant which you choose for your home makes a difference.

4. Solar powers

One of the most trendy and efficiency methods of cutting your expenses and fulfilling your needs at low maintained costs. Installing solar power outlets could be more useful, don’t think that with the help of solar power instruments you could only use some of the appliances, whereas different appliances are nowadays available in the market. From heaters to light bulbs as well as solar power furniture’s are also being Coming up to the market, make it charge up to 8 hours a day and it could brighten up your night just like the way the electricity do and just at half of the rate. Appliances like phone and computer chargers, water heaters, desk and table lamps, freezers are easily available in the market which could be best suited for a trendy house.

5. Colored stainless steel appliances – Companies are also being very incentive about giving your house a trendy look, thus they are providing you with colourful stainless steel appliances like freezers and other appliances which could add up an enhance beautiful look to your trendy house. The companies are now being offering the appliances in whatever colour you want to decor your home with. With the effect of modern and retro style the appliances would create an amaze look to your dream house and the visitors would never hesitate to appreciate for your choice which you have done for.

6. Heated entry way floors – People used to wish for something that could relief them from the cold which the floors emits during the chill weather, now something has really being innovative regarding this and made you drag out from this problem. Heated entry and bathrooms floors are now available, so that even it’s pretty chilled the floors would keep your feet warm even you are bare foot. The heating sensors emits the amount of heat which you needed to keep your feet warm are now being a trendy materials to be used in your house. It’s as much effecting as feels like you are standing in the sun rays along the window on a sunny cold day. Thus this appliance is being trendy for the better home improvements sections.

7. Sunrooms

Sunrooms are generally a quit being used from a long period of time. It’s generally a glass and a screen outdoor living room installed on a wooden formation. It also referred as a patio room inside your house. Wall of glass acts as a protective sheet which protects you from wind and dust and what it provides is a gentle sunlight in the cold weather. They are becoming an attractive way which you can add up accordingly to your trend for better home. They are an affordable way for adding up leisure effect on your living area.

8. Spacious kitchens - A spacious kitchen would add an extra elegant effect to your trendy house improvements. Kitchen is one of the main things which could really double the beauty of your dream house. Mostly creating a modern and kitchen could cost you a little more but that’s worthy as the beauty of the house and if the house gets to be sell, you can just get back more than the half what you had spend on the creation of your kitchen. Ceramic tiles, marbles, wooden crafted work, marble countertops, hanging and opening shelves, two-tone cabinets could add up a spark to your kitchen. Always remember that a beautiful spaced and designed kitchen completes a trendy house of yours.

9. Health conscious designs - Outfitting your home with modern and eco friendly appliances could make your house super trendy. Including of the right paints, avoiding lighting that are harmful for the skin. Proper use of ventilation should be there so that you could always be freshening up with fresh air among your house. Use of hygienic materials are also good factor for keeping your house healthy, these materials are easily available in the market, depending how much amount you are willing to pay for those kind of stuff.

10. Decorated walls

Decorated walls are the most fascinating way to glam up your trendy house. As its consist of large varieties, it’s up to you to decide whether what kind of sculpture you can add with your walls for make it an eyes opener for the visitors to your trendy house. Neutral spaces infused with bold colours are always in the trend demands. Engraving wall stickers are also becoming a trend for the modern houses. Stickers are available in the market with a large variety of range being offered with the price at which you can negotiate with.

11. Spa like bathrooms

Creating a spa like bathroom with all the comforts are not as much costlier than you think. Some time it all takes a little creativity, some paint and a little expense which could provide you with whole trendy bathroom. Replacing the old shower heads and creating an underneath shelves below the sink is now days commonly being used. Frameless mirrors would add up a glorify look to your bathrooms. Floor heating appliances and some accommodations likes including a spa would be a great to match up with your trendy house and adding up a smoothing paint colour would make it look more than a bathroom. If you are worried about the expenses, it’s the matter of not to worry as a beautiful built washroom can get up to its half of the re-sale value in the market.

12. Adding up pet amenities

These days having a pet is a very common and trendy part. Pets nowadays have become a part of yours family members and you would not let them stay with you in a harsh manner. Building up small pet amenities would be great deeds towards your pet and it would also affect the look of your trendy house with a beautiful pet amenities. It has been now a new added up feature for a trendy house to have a house for your pets too. A large bunk styled bed, cabinet for pet toys, a water station, and automated feeders would add up a great spark to the pet amenities you are planning to build.

13. Smart water heaters – smart water heaters are also being used as a trendy material to support your house with. It doesn’t work only when the winters are over head but automatically supplies the hot water whenever you need to you it according to the conditions surrounding you. This could be done with the help of electricity as well as the solar chargers could also heat up the water in your tank and make it ready for your use. It also cuts electricity up to 40% which would gain you some good savings.

14. Fire place and fire features

Including a fire place and fire pits are now being commonly being used and is a part of every trendy house. Generally people are fond of having fir place inside their houses for a charming look. These trending appliances could be a better support to add if you are willing to have a trending house ahead. Gas fir pits are also available so that the query of collecting the wood logs for burning are now being lessened, it could be a bit costly but would of great value for your house to decor with.

15. Large format tiles

Always take care of that what kind of tiles you used, they are easy to take care of and low on maintain. Marbles are making a comeback, large tiled marbles or single piece cut marbles are now days being in demand. Matte and polish finish are in demand for the better flooring of your trending house. Limestone’s tiles are also being a trendy look for your floors to carry upon. Its huge kind of variety and variation in could increase the richness of any decor of your flooring. Adding up your floor with slate-look could add rusting charm for your floors and glorify your trendy house.

Conclusion - Thus for a better trendy house you could add up with some steps for the perfect dream house of yours. Either your budget is low or high you could better get an amazing shape through a better planning methods and the right amount of materials that you want to add up for completing your trendy house look.

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