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DIY Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Posted By shantanusinha83 on Bathroom

Nowadays most common renovations are the addition of the bathrooms in your house. Earlier people were used to have single bathrooms, but as per the modern times people are more intended to have multiple bathrooms for easy convenience. These days’ people generally intend to have at least around two or more bathrooms depending upon the size of the family and for the easy convenience if there are kind of parties and relatives visit to your home.

Remodelling of your bathroom is also a great task, which also requires the help of a plumber, an electrician so that you don’t face any issues regarding the drainage system or any kind of electrical danger. But the most important thing that you should keep in your mind the size of your bathroom, so that you can arrange your needed stuffs accordingly. Following are some easy steps which one should kept in mind while remodeling a bathroom.

Step 1 - Bigger always isn’t better, including a large sink, huge bathroom etc. Would not make your bathroom more attractive and comfortable. Including these kinds of goods in your bathroom you should be accurate about the space provided and the things which could be easily fitted in your bathroom. Every size which you need in your bathroom is available in the market according to your size and budget.

Step 2 - Never get confused to consult a expert for the remodeling as you don’t want to disturb the pipelines, sewage and the electrical wiring which are already being done, and there would also be no need for setting up the whole set up once again for the recreation of your bathroom. Consulting a pro for this work would lessen the amount of pressure from your work load.

Step 3 - Setting up the tile work could also be one of the handy jobs to be done along with. This requires patience and accurate measuring before cutting and laying the tile work. You could also shape the old fixtures which could, if they have aged lines and add some characters over it so that it could give an extra ordinary look to your bathroom. Mosaic or glass tile could also add an enhancing look to your bathroom, you don’t need to have a large amount of these but a dozen of these materials could light up your bathroom. You could also use wooden tiles work for layering up your floors, theses kind of textures are now days being into trend and would end up in great finish for your bathrooms.

Step 4 - Nowadays sub floor heating coils are also available in the market, which would generate heat to keep up your floors warm during cold seasons. Though they are bit costly but these intend to be trendy for remodeling of the bathrooms.

Step 5 - Fixture replacement is one of the most important things that one should keep in mind while remodeling a bathroom. Old stuffs like old faucet, shower heads, doorknobs and drawer pullers are also to be kept in mind. Imagine how would these match up with the beautiful carvings and the flooring on which you had spent a lot for the makeover of your bathroom. Thus these little things are also to be kept in mind while remodeling of your bath room.

Step 6 - Improving the space of your bathroom would give it a magnificent look that would enhance your bathroom. Most of the times people want to make over with their bathrooms so that the additional space would open up the bathrooms to better things. Now day’s people generally prefer a large amount of space for their bathrooms, as more space means more comfort.

Step 7 - For better options the walls of the bathrooms should be done richly. Dramatic color, wallpaper or sparkling tile would add up a great look for your bathroom. These could also add up a refreshing mood while getting freshens up.

Step 8 - Update of the lighting is also one of the main strategies to look upon. You would never consider an old lighting bulbs and lamps for your new regenerated bathroom. Plan it early so that you would come across that whether you need to run with new wires and cables or not.

Step 9 - Adding up a big mirror would add a tremendous spark to your bathroom. These days shelves are also being created behind the mirror, so it can help reduce space and your basic would easily will be available to use.

Step 10 - Well designed toilets pits are also in demand these days. But creating a framed wall could make it look better than so that when the doors open it doesn’t come first to notice. Their cost would be in your budget but still consult a expert, so that it wouldn’t exceed your budget.

Step 11 - These days bath tubs are now not generally commonly being used, so trying converting your tub to a shower, it too reduces the amount of water being used and would also generate some space for your bathroom. A glass cabin for your shower place would give a great look to your bathroom and will also help to get your floor not be wet all the time.

Step 12 - Tile shelving now days are in trend. They are installed among the wall which would not spoil your decor. Avoid using plastic holders which are hung around the taps that will spoil your remodeled bathroom.

Step 13 - Racks beneath your sink would also be great as stuffs likes towels could easily be fitted there. Towel hangers would also be a good thing to add up to your bathroom.

Conclusion - Thus a beautifully craved bathroom is a success for a key selling point. Either it’s small or big the correct planning and a little bit of amount could regenerate it into tremendous remarks to leave behind.

All you need is to focus upon the master plan of yours and make sure it makes sense.